The Lunar Age

by Alphanaut



Alphanaut is a one-man electronica project by musician Mark Alan, which lifted off after a decade away from song writing. During the time between Fall of 2007 and Summer of 2008 the creative process began again and two dozen songs formed. Five of these pieces have been included on Alphanaut's debut EP "The Lunar Age".

The works selected for "The Lunar Age" EP represent more of the commercially structured songs to introduce listeners to Alphanaut. The electro-acoustic project melds uniquely crafted sounds in Mark's programing and features guest musician Chavo Villanueva on guitars.

Must have tracks include the debut single "Spontaneity" with its compelling electronic sounds leading to a flamenco inspired end, and "Jennifer" with it's brooding bass line and hip-hop drum track. Another standout track is "The Innocence of Time" which is a restrained ambient piece that concludes with a lush string arrangement.


released January 30, 2009

Mark Alan: Vocals, Programming and Arrangement
Chavo Villanueva: Guitars and Ebo



all rights reserved


Alphanaut Los Angeles, California

Alphanaut is the musical brainchild of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Mark Alan.

With a third full length release titled "Meanwhile Back on Earth" due out January 1st, 2016 the Alphanaut sound morphs again, this time into modern electronic-pop. Micro-beats, live drums, electric guitars and keyboards all combine together with hints from the 60s, 70s 80s and the now.
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Track Name: The Best Hasn't Happened Yet
London, you never thought to say hello
And now, it’s time for me to go
London, filled a fortnight full of memories
You smiled, but you never said a word to me

London, from my outings on the Central Line
You turned, and left me to my own design
London, had the answers written in your hand
You talked to me but you never tried to understand

I know these are days I’ll never forget
Days I’ll never forget
But I know, the best hasn’t happened yet

Dumbstruck, I move through the underground
On my way to Camden Town
A brisk Tango and a box of Smarties
Spilt milk in political parties

One smile and he tries to thrill me
Like the rent down in Picadilly
A mad hatter with a plastic spine
Now I transfer to the Norther Line

I know these are days...
Track Name: Jennifer
Knee deep she lays her head
On the pillows of her lonely bed
While sleep tugs at the seams
And frays the edges of her broken dreams

And there’s talk, talk, talk in a thousand places
From the voices that time erases
Stone cold she locks the door
While the shadows creep across the floor

Jennifer is that you leaving
When did you stop believing
Heaven knows your innocent ways
Have left you so confused these days

Knee deep she bites her fingers
While the memory of pain still lingers
With hope so far behind
Another drink would surely clear the mind

But there’s talk, talk, talk in the darkest places
From the voices that time erases
While doubt shorts out the wires
Where here conscious and fears conspire

Jennifer who will you trust
To clear away the could of dust
Life’s just a battle and no one has won
Jennifer put down the gun
Track Name: Spontaneity
In this world of give and take
I’ve learned to take my share
Demoralizing myself in greed and adultery
A spirit timeless won’t confide in me

In the restraints of the social norm
I criticized the artist
For being too emotional too giving
Too much like the me I am longing to be

I want to live and I want to run free
I want to breathe like the artist in me
And revel in the heart of spontaneity

Couldn’t tell you about New York City
I was too drunk most of the time
Couldn’t tell you of the ways of LA
I was too busy daydreaming to blind to see

They say sometimes it’s better to forget
Accentuate the guilt without the regret
They say sometimes you must face away
To truly see yourself, to truly see yourself

I want to live…
Track Name: Pull Apart Girl
You could have been an angel
If your wings had taken you there
You could have been a mountain
With a ton of strength to spare

You could have been an island
With the rock of youth at your shore
You could have been a diva
If the world had given you more

But now the sky is looking down on you
The world is looking down on you
Pull apart girl
Your eyes are looking black to you
Your face is showing nothing new
Pull apart girl

You could have been flower
In a springtime fertile heart
You could have been a kingdom
But now your foundation is falling apart

You could have been an eagle
You spirit opening skies
You could have been an artist
To paint away the pain in your eyes.

But now the sky...
Track Name: The Innocence of Time
Time has a secret
And quietly keeps it
Out of reach from you and I
An eventual turn will leave a world to unlearn
And leave the vision far behind

And when my vision starts to fade
I will not question why
It’s just the wind and the rain
Or the ice in my veins
It’s the innocence of time

It’s hard to believe
Or not to believe
When opportunities fail
The currents are cast
And the tides hold you fast
A ship without its sail

And when my hair starts to grey
I will not question why
It’s just the wind and the rain
Or the ice in my veins
It’s the innocence of time