Satellites Crashing - Single

by Alphanaut



The second single from the Alphanaut album "Out of Orbit" featuring the title cut which is a downtempo jazz infused electronica piece complete with a smokey trumpet played by William Bing.

The disc also includes two non-album bonus cuts "Sleep Spun Brown" and "Night Blind" as well as an instrumental version of the original song.


released July 22, 2010

Guests on “Satellites Crashing”
Jorge Villanueva: Drums
Chavo Villanueva: Guitars & Ebo
Ryan Roberts: Upright Bass
William Bing: Trumpet
Rachel Oliva: Duet and Backing Vocals

Guests on “Sleep Spun Brown”
Alberto Campos: Drums
Chavo Villanueva: Guitars & Ebo
Art Agunod: Fretless Bass
Ted Scarlett: Piano



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Alphanaut Los Angeles, California

Alphanaut is the musical brainchild of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Mark Alan.

With a third full length release titled "Meanwhile Back on Earth" due out January 1st, 2016 the Alphanaut sound morphs again, this time into modern electronic-pop. Micro-beats, live drums, electric guitars and keyboards all combine together with hints from the 60s, 70s 80s and the now.
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Track Name: Satellites Crashing
Please darling do not fight
I haven’t got the strength tonight
Let’s just agree we’re not at war
Cannot fight it any more

You and I are just satellites crashing
Falling stars when ever we disagree
Here we are satellites crashing
Filling the sky with beautiful debris

I don’t care who’s wrong or right
Don’t reengage or reignight
Plant the flag upon the shore
And drop the armor that we wore

Because you and I…
Track Name: Sleep Spun Brown
You invite destruction
To phase your thoughts away
And cling to visions
That you’ll begin to feel some day
You get to feeling nervous
Of what the day might bring
You’re up, you’re down, you’re talking
And no one is listening

Leaves falling down
Sleep spun brown
I don’t understand your reason
You make your start, and fall apart
In this change of season

You held up the currents
But then your knees gave way
You turn in to tomorrow
To find yourself someday
You’re in, you’re out, you’re under
You stand then trip and fall
While you stood there laughing
Your image lost it all

Leaves falling down...

A look into the mirror
An actor gone too far
Regret has found you hiding
And knows just who you are
A scream erupts to surface
But there is no sound
You turn the letter is fading
As you go underground

Leaves falling down...